OpenDisc launched

Posted September 27th @ 3:39 pm by Chris Gray

We’re happy to announce that the OpenDisc project has now officially opened it’s doors. :)

OpenDisc is a collection of high quality open source software for the Microsoft Windows platform, aimed at users exclusively using said operating system. The two goals of the disc are to provide free alternatives to otherwise costly equivalents, and to educate people about the Linux operating system. The disc will be updated periodically as new versions of software are continually released, and users are encouraged to volunteer in a number of ways, including suggesting new software to add to future versions to translating the text into different languages.

The project was born from another well known open source disc, called TheOpenCD, which OpenDisc project lead Chris Gray managed for the eighteen months prior to this announcement. During that time he identified numerous problems within the project that he was unable to solve the majority of. Rather than continue on considerably hindered by them, he decided to start afresh with none of the overhead that slowed TheOpenCD development down. For more information, see his blog entry, “Mutiny aboard the good ship TheOpenCD“.

We welcome previous TheOpenCD users and new visitors alike!

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