OpenEducationDisc 08.05 released

Posted May 14th @ 3:21 pm by Chris Gray

We are pleased to announce the latest release of the award winning OpenEducationDisc. This software builds on theOpenEducationDisc - disc graphics cut off OpenDisc and is aimed directly at schools and students aged 10-21+ giving the necessary tools to help them complete homework/coursework assignments. The software has been specially selected by school teachers to provide for the everyday software needs of students around the world. It helps students succeed in school and at university without the need for expensive software licenses, or having to resort to piracy. Plus the latest versions of all your favourite applications, the new disc offers a host of new programs and changes including:

  • Avidemux – video editing
  • Camstudio – screen recorder
  • FreeCol – game
  • FreeCiv – game
  • Guido van Robot – programming tutor

Please help out by giving to friends, family, enemies and school teachers. Feedback and help greatly appreciated. Help make education accessible for all.

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