OpenDisc 09.12 Released

Posted December 1st @ 11:09 pm by Chris Gray

Easily our biggest release of the year, 09.12 includes seventeen new programs in the lineup! They are:

Alliance 1.0.6, Avidemux 2.5.1, CaRMetal 3.1.1, DjVuLibre 3.5.22+4.5, FreeMind 0.8.1, FreeCol 0.8.4, Freeciv 2.1.10, GanttProject 2.0.10, Guido van Robot 4.1, InfraRecorder 0.50, Maxima 5.19.2, Miro 2.5.3, PokerTH 0.7.1, Songbird 1.2.0-1146, TuxGuitar 1.2, TuxMath 1.7.2, TuxType 1.8.0. All of these were nominated by users like you, so if you like a program visit our forums and let us know all about it!

Also, programs enjoying new versions are; ClamWin 0.95.3, FileZilla, Firefox 3.5.5, Inkscape 0.47, Pidgin 2.6.4, RSSOwl 2.0.1, Scribus, SeaMonkey 2.0, Sokoban YASC 1.518, SumatraPDF 1.0.1, TrueCrypt 6.3a, VLC 1.0.3.

As always, downloads are available on the right-hand pane of the website. Be sure to blog, tweet and share copies of OpenDisc 09.12 this festive season. :)

More information as usual can be found on the development blog.

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