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OpenEducationDisc 10.10 Released!

Posted October 27th @ 12:06 am by Peter Kemp

We are happy to announce the latest release of the OpenEducationDisc.  Differing slightly from the OpenDisc, this release offers the latest in Open Source Educational Software in a format easily accessible by students of any age.  The 10.10 release includes the latest releases of your favourite software alongside some new additions: Mixxx – Mix your own [...]

We're back!

Posted December 28th @ 11:27 pm by Chris Gray

After an unfortunate server crash, along with our hosting company only providing a 2008 backup, we’re almost completely back to normal. As you can see the new site design has to be redone, and we’re yet to tackle the forums and wiki. Downloads of the latest version as always are available on the right-hand pane, [...]

Software Freedom Day 2009

Posted September 17th @ 11:18 pm by Chris Gray

It’s that time of year again, when OSS enthusiasts spread the word (and copies of Linux and OpenDisc) on the 19th September at their local SFD events. If you’re thinking of attending  or would like to find out more, visit the website at Thanks to everybody organising the events this year!

Software Freedom Day 2008

Posted September 19th @ 11:43 pm by Chris Gray

Today marks SFD 08, and over 600 teams will be spreading the open-source message (along with copies of OpenDisc and OpenEducationDisc) all over the world. They’ve set up a special website for the event to track the teams and blogs related to this years event –, which includes a neat map of where the [...]

Moving servers…

Posted July 22nd @ 11:06 pm by Chris Gray

Due to the varied availability of our website of late we’ve switched hosting companies. We’re almost completely migrated over as you can see – the only remaining sections to migrate are the forums, mailing list and wiki, which will appear soon. As always, the latest version can be downloaded using the Download pane to the [...]

OpenDisc 08.07 Released!

Posted June 27th @ 1:25 pm by Chris Gray

We’re pleased to release 08.07, the latest version of OpenDisc, with no less than twenty five updates, including Firefox 3 and the latest milestone versions of, FileZilla, Seamonkey and many more. We’d hoped that the next version of OpenDisc would have been running Kiwix but we’ve had teething problems, so 08.07 is still running [...]

Firefox 3 and OpenDisc 08.07

Posted June 14th @ 9:25 pm by Chris Gray

Edit: Firefox 3 is out! If you want to upgrade before the new version of OpenDisc is released, jump over to to nab the latest version. Original post: If you haven’t already checked it out, SpreadFirefox are holding a Firefox 3 release Download Day and everybody is invited to pledge now to download upon [...]

OpenEducationDisc 08.05 released

Posted May 14th @ 3:21 pm by Chris Gray

We are pleased to announce the latest release of the award winning OpenEducationDisc. This software builds on the OpenDisc and is aimed directly at schools and students aged 10-21+ giving the necessary tools to help them complete homework/coursework assignments. The software has been specially selected by school teachers to provide for the everyday software needs [...]

08.05 Beta Release

Posted April 24th @ 11:48 am by Peter Kemp

After several month of hectic development we are pleased to announce the Beta release of the 08.05 OpenEducationDisc. Plus the latest versions of all your favourite applications, the new disc offers a host of new programs and changes. There is also a comprehensive guide on how to distribute your own versions of the OpenEducationDisc in [...]

Testing the Kiwix Interface

Posted March 8th @ 1:40 pm by Chris Gray

We’ve almost finished the transition from the old customised K-Meleon back-end of the disc, to a nice simple Kiwix interface. Before we roll it out we’d like people to test it on their machines, so if you have the time to give it a spin, download the .iso file (we’ve pared it down to around [...]

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