The Open Disc Project has always been a volunteer operation, though people are still surprised to hear there’s no office, staff or payroll behind the project. Everybody who contributes does so in their spare time, and the project simply wouldn’t exist without the help and support of everybody who has shaped development, supported the project, and spread the word and software to friends and family.

Any mature open source project has people who contribute to development, but disappear over time as they move onto other things. There’s also sticky people, who (against the odds) manage to keep volunteering and continue to make substantial contributions to the project. In no particular order here’s the people who have helped, and those who continue to help this project:

Henrik Ilsen Omma, who thought of and created TheOpenCD, the precursor to this project.

Patrick Patience, who sifts through the program nominations and decides what will appear on future versions of Open Disc, and also manages the forums.

Emmanuel Engelhart, developer of Kiwix, who was integral with the switch to our Kiwix based backend that now powers Open Disc.

Yann Hamon, who originally adapted Open Disc and Kiwix for the Oxford Archeology Club, and who not only gave us the idea to switch in the first place, but helped with shaping it to tailor the project.

Peter Kemp maintains the educational version, OpenEducationDisc, which is tailored for students, teachers, and schools.

Chris Gray founded the project in 2007 and continues to lead the project’s development.

Finally, to everybody for helping spread the word about the project, gave copies to friends and family, and promoted OSS as an alternative.