What’s the best way to find out when a new version is released?

We have a dedicated mailing list for that very purpose, and if you sign up you can rest assured that you won’t receive any other notifications about OpenDisc or anything else for that matter – just a quick email letting you know a new version is available. Sign up for the OpenDisc mailing list. Alternatively, follow us on Twitter to be notified of all OpenDisc news.

What is the font that OpenDisc uses?

It’s called Modata Bold, part of the open source font family MgOpen, which is freely available at the GFOSS website and with most leading Linux distributions.

Our original font was Gentium, which was developed by SIL International to provide an international typeface supporting thousands of different languages. It also looks great at any size. Gentium is available under an open source software license. More information about Gentium.

How can I remove VLC from OpenDisc?

In the USA there is a law that prohibits the way VLC plays DVDs, effectively claiming that it breaks the law. If you are distributing the disc in the USA or another country with similar laws (we’re unsure if other countries do) you can choose to remove VLC, so you don’t risk getting into trouble for distributing it. Not that anybody has (to our knowledge) and it’s extremely unlikely that anybody ever will, but if you’d like to be on the safe side, here’s a tutorial for Windows and Linux. We’re still after a Mac tutorial, so if you know how and have the time to write one up, let us know!

Do you sell copies of OpenDisc?

We don’t directly sell copies as we don’t develop OpenDisc to profit from sales, but because a lot of people don’t prefer to download the large file we send two copies of OpenDisc (via airmail) as a thank you for any donation of $20 USD and above. The donation covers the cost of the discs and postage, along with continued development of the project.