Distribution Pack

On this page you will find hints, tips and documentation to help you distribute the OpenEducationDisc within your institution. Whether you are a teacher trying to make a huge impact by giving free discs to your students, a librarian trying to provide for your local community, or a student trying to persuade a school to adopt this disc, this is the place for you.

Arguments for using this disc

The OpenEducationDisc contains dozens of programs that are used daily in educational and commercial organisations all over the world. The disc only contains programs that are considered useful and suitable for education, and that have gone through thorough testing.

You will be joining schools, universities and libraries across the globe who use this disc and the software contained in it every day. Please check back soon to read the testimonial page featuring stories of the successful use of this disc.

Join the open source revolution. This disc contains software that will cost you and your students nothing. With ICT becoming ubiquitous within education worldwide, it is essential that students are allowed every opportunity to develop their skills. However access to the tools they need outside school and university are limited. Restrictive and expensive software licences lead to differing levels of access for students in different economic environments. Unable to access the tools they need, many students choose piracy, inferior software or just doing without. This can lead to lower achievement amongst some students. It doesn’t have to be this way. Get a copy of the OpenEducationDisc today.

Letter of recommendation

Loxford School of Science and Technology in East London has been kind enough to support the distribution of the OpenEducationDisc to schools around the globe. See what they have to say about it. (coming soon!)

Articles supporting use

In June 2007 OpenEducation won the prestigious Teach First School Projects Award,

University Professor Jay Pfaffman has written extensively about the benefits of Open Source software in education. Read his article: It’s Time to Consider Open Source Software

Goshen High School offers free software to students – Goshen (USA) High School Officials have made the disc free to all their students

Disc download

The disc is updated regularly and you will find the latest disc download to the right of this page. You are allowed to copy it as many times as you like and install the programs on as many machines as you want without paying any licence fees.


For those of you who want to print out the disc professionally you can always use these professionally designed graphics:

OpenEducationDisc -DVD jacket OpenEducationDisc - disc graphics

How else can I help?

We often get requests from schools, libraries, universities, youth organisations etc asking if we can send them copies of the disc. If you are willing to help fund this distribution or would like to help distribute discs in your region, please get in touch.