How can I help?

OpenDisc is a volunteer operation so we’re happy for all the help we get. How you can help depends on how much time you have; here’s a list of what we’re specifically (but not exclusively) looking for help with at the moment – if there’s something that you think ought to be on here visit the development forum and we’ll take a look at it.


If you don’t have time to help with anything listed below, consider a small donation to support the project. Even a donation of $6 covers a whole month’s hosting fees! The donation link can be found on the right hand side of this page.

Screen Captures

The screen captures on OpenDisc are old and tired; some even date back from more than two years ago. We’re after a person (or persons) with enough time to remake all of the screen captures, ensuring they look nice and give a reasonable example of the software in action. See the forum post if interested.

VLC Cleansing

Since we added VLC to the lineup there’s been a few people warning us that in the USA people could get into legal trouble for distributing VLC. However unlikely that is, we don’t want to see anybody fined or jailed, so we’re after somebody to write a tutorial on how to remove all traces and references of it from the disc, so users can make a “safe” copy for distribution. See the forum post for more information. Update: The FAQ now includes guides for Windows and Linux, but we’re still after a Mac guide.

Torrent hosting

We release new versions of OpenDisc through direct download and bit-torrent, the latter requiring people to seed the release over time so it doesn’t disappear. If you’d like to donate bandwidth to the cause, simply download the torrent yourself (from the right hand pane) and continue sharing it after the download finishes. If you’ve already grabbed the disc, follow this simple guide so you can share the torrent without downloading the entire disc all over again.

Program Nomination

We’re always after new programs to add to the OpenDisc line-up, so if you know of a program that we don’t feature already visit the nomination forum and we’ll have a look at it for the next version.


Only one in five people speak English, so naturally we’d like to see OpenDisc reach the other 80% of Earth. If you can speak English and another language fluently simply visit our translation project for more information.