Cover Art

For people who like to give OpenDisc to friends, family, workmates and even distribute on a larger basis, we’ve created official artwork for you to print and use. This official artwork will be available at the same time every new version of OpenDisc is released, both on this website and the disc itself!

Disc Label – A monochrome disc label for printing onto compatible inkjet-printable discs. Due to demand we’re only producing the light-on-ink monochrome label now – if you miss the full colour label let us know via forum. The label is 300dpi and in the PNG format.

OpenDisc 300dpi monochrome disc label

Disc Card Sleeve – Card sleeves protect the disc and give a polished, professional look to your OpenDisc. As with the disc label, the lite monochrome cover is available. Again the cover is 300dpi and in the PNG format.

OpenDisc 300dpi monochrome disc card sleeve

We’ve gone with something different to the regular cut-out and glue card sleeves – our covers are simple origami. No mess, no fuss and no waste-paper at the end; all you need is an A4 sheet of paper. Once you’ve printed your artwork, put the artwork back into the printer upside-down and print this folding template on the back of the sheet. Once that’s done easy instructions are available to fold your cover. After you’ve folded your first card sleeve you’ll be an expert!

If you’d like to edit the covers to suit your needs, source files are available for both the disc label and origami card sleeve – both are Scribus files.