CaRMetal iconDescription

CaRMetal is an interactive geometry program based on C.a.R. It keeps most, if not all, functionality of C.a.R. but uses a different graphical interface which purportedly eliminates some intermediate dialogs and provides direct access to numerous effects. Constructions are done using a main palette, which contains some useful construction shortcuts in addition to the standard compass and ruler tools. These include perpendicular bisector, circle through three points, circumcircular arc through three points, and conic section through five points. Element thickness, color, label, and other attributes can be set using a separate panel.

CaRMetal also supports a configurable restricted construction palette and has assignment capabilities.


CaRMetal screenshot 1 CaRMetal screenshot 2


This program is available for free on the latest version of OpenDisc, or alternatively visit the official website for CaRMetal to download it directly.