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Visit the official GnuCash website.

GnuCash is personal and small-business financial-accounting software, which allows you to track bank accounts, stocks, income and expenses.

Features include double-entry accounting; stock/bond/mutual fund accounts; customers, vendors, jobs, invoices, A/P, A/R; QIF/OFX/HBCI import; transaction matching; reports and graphs; scheduled and financial calculations.

Visit the official MoinMoin website.

MoinMoin. A wiki is a tool that allows many users to collaborate on generating and organising content. A wiki is usually hosted on the web so that different people can connect through their web browsers to collaborate. However you can also use a wiki locally on your own computer to help you stay organised, structuring your information with categories, sub-pages and hyper-links, just like on the web. You can even create attachments to your pages, like pictures or word processing documents you are working on for a specific project.

A powerful feature of wikis is page versioning, which lets you store each page in multiple successive versions and track the changes between them. This is of course especially useful when multiple people are editing the same page. The Desktop Edition provided here has been especially provided for desktop use – all your edits are saved onto your hard drive.

Visit the official Notepad2 website.

Notepad2 is intended to be a replacement for the Notepad program that is included as part of Windows. Like Notepad, Notepad2 is small, fast, and has few frills. It does, however, add some functionality such as colour syntax highlighting that many people will find useful, especially those that have to edit the odd HTML page or script. You can select the level of zoom and select the editing font. Notepad2 supports Unicode, UTF-8, Unix and Mac text files.

Visit the official OpenOffice website. is a full-featured productivity suite including a word processor, spreadsheet, web page editor and presentation program. Documents are stored in a compressed, open-standard XML format to ensure future availability of your data and to reduce file sizes. You can read and write documents in a wide range of formats including Microsoft Office.

The word processor component, Writer, is suitable for the production of professional documents, reports, newsletters, and brochures. A powerful spreadsheet module called Calc contains sophisticated tools for calculation, data analysis and visualisation, its built-in charting tools are able to generate customisable 2D and 3D charts. The presentation utility, Impress, uses effects, animation and drawing tools to help you create effective multimedia slide shows to present your the way you want to. Use the Draw component to produce either simple diagrams or complex 3D illustrations and special effects for use in documents and presentations. The database tool, Base, give you all the tools you need for day to day database work in a simple spreadsheet-like form.

Due to the high cost of commercial office suites, deciding to use will typically represent the single largest source of savings on software for organisations or individuals. is increasingly becoming an office suite of choice in education, government, and business. The website contains tutorials, manuals and many other tools to help you create professional documents.

Visit the official PDF Creator website.

Use PDFCreator to generate PDF documents directly from any Windows program. PDF (Portable Document Format) files are the de-facto standard in electronic publishing, because the author can be sure that the document will look as intended on all platforms, regardless of local fonts or lack thereof.

Once installed, simply select ‘Print’ from the File menu of any program that you can print from, and select ‘PDFCreator Printer’ from the list of printers. Print, and enter a name for your PDF output file. That’s it!

Optionally you may also enter information to identify the document, such as Title, Creation Date and Author. You can set the resolution and compression levels for the various file types, control how fonts are included, and protect your document with a password.